Pacific Basin Law Journal (PBLJ)


Mission: Pacific Basin Law Journal (PBLJ) is considered to be the foremost journal in the world concentrating on Pacific Rim issues.​ It is also the second oldest journal at UCLA Law, founded in 1982. We are committed to publishing cutting-edge, original scholarships that make significant contribution the studies of the Pacific Rim, which entail a diverse range of legal and policy issues concerning nations in Asia-Pacific and the Americas. We are also committed to boosting the dialogue between U.S. and international scholars through our publications. Throughout its existence, PBLJ has featured articles written by leading scholars and practitioners on international legal topics including human rights law, constitutional law, criminal law, international trade regulations, corporate governance, climate change, intellectual property law and other areas of business law. The breadth and diversity of materials covered by the PBLJ makes it one of the most exciting, informative and authoritative student publications at the UCLA School of Law.

In addition, PBLJ is an entirely student-run law journal. We publish twice a year and are available on Lexis and Westlaw.


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