The Dukeminier Awards Journal of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law

Mission: The Dukeminier Awards acknowledge the best law review articles published on sexual orientation and gender identity law issues each year. The goals of the prizes are to encourage scholars to begin or continue writing about sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy; provide valuable recognition and support for scholars, law students and lawyers who write in this area; and provide easy access to each year’s best scholarly materials for those outside of legal academia, including lawyers, judges, other legal actors and policymakers. 

Each year, scholars, lawyers, judges and law students throughout the United States publish hundreds of articles concerning various aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity law. The Williams Institute and the UCLA School of Law students who staff the Journal have initiated The Dukeminier Awards to acknowledge and distribute the best of these articles. Closer to home, The Dukeminier Awards provide a unique educational experience for UCLA law students. In addition to a basic sexual orientation law course, UCLA Law offers an annual seminar on Legal Scholarship on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The students in this seminar, under the leadership of Williams faculty, analyze and discuss the best scholarship in the field in order to select each year’s Award-winning articles.


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