The most significant literature in the legal profession is in the hands of law students. Since the first law review was published more than 100 years ago, judges and lawyers have looked to these student-edited journals for critical analysis of the law and its institutions. A typical issue of a law review contains articles written by practicing lawyers and legal scholars, student comments on recent cases and other new developments in the law and reviews of books on legal topics.
UCLA School of Law neither monitors nor controls the information contained on student journal web pages or on other web sites to which they are linked.

Asian Pacific American Law Journal

The Asian Pacific American Law Journal is the first law journal in the nation to address the legal, social, and political issues facing the Asian-American and Pacific Islands community. The Journal welcomes membership by all students.

Chicano/a - Latino/a Law Review

The Chicano-Latino Law Review is one of a few legal journals in the country devoted to scholarly analysis of issues relevant to Chicano and other Spanish-speaking communities. It publishes articles by judges, lawyers, and scholars that provide new perspectives on the legal problems of the Latino community.

The Dukeminier Awards Journal of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law

Each year, the Dukeminier Awards staff and faculty advisory board identifies the best articles on sexual orientation law and public policy from law reviews around the country and reprints these articles in a prize journal. The Dukeminier Awards also publishes original articles written by law students, which are chosen as part of a national writing competition.

Entertainment Law Review

The Entertainment Law Review, published biannually, is devoted to legal issues affecting film, television, radio, computer, and print media, and includes such topics as copyright and patent issues; the regulation of the entertainment industry; and labor, constitutional, administrative, and antitrust law as they relate to the industry.

Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

The Journal of Environmental Law and Policy offers diverse perspectives on a single topic of current environmental interest, such as toxic waste disposal or solar water heating. It offers students with an interest in environmental law or policy an immediate opportunity to become involved in editing and publishing in a field of rapidly growing importance.

Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs

The Journal of International Law & Foreign Affairs is an interdisciplinary publication promoting scholarship in international law and international relations. It publishes articles by leading scholars, practitioners, and other professionals from around the world as well as student comments. Some of JILFA's issues are topical, focusing on immigration or international gender and race discrimination, and others offer more variety, ranging from conflicting approaches to technological developments, to the international criminal court, to sovereign debt crises.

Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law

Established in 2001, the Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law is the first journal in the United States dedicated to this area of study. The inaugural issue was published in 2002. JINEL presents scholarly and practical articles dealing with the complex and multifaceted issues of Islamic and Near Eastern law and its applications and effects within and outside of the Near East.

Journal of Law & Technology

Since 1996, the Journal of Law & Technology has produced an online journal providing a forum for timely and relevant materials addressing the law's attempt to keep pace with technological innovation. JOLT's content includes traditional scholarly articles and comments, and practical advice from attorneys practicing at the cutting edge of law and technology. JOLT also hosts an IP/High Tech Career Forum.

National Black Law Journal

The National Black Law Journal has been committed to scholarly discourse exploring the intersection of race and the law for thirty-five years. The NBLJ was started in 1970 by 5 African-American law students and 2 African-American law professors. The Journal was the first of its kind in the country. The Journal has aimed to build on this tradition by publishing articles that make a substantive contribution to current dialogue taking place around issues such as affirmative action, employment law, the criminal justice system, community development and labor issues. The Journal has a commitment to publish articles that inspire new thought, explore new alternatives and contribute to current jurisprudential stances.

Pacific Basin Law Journal

The Pacific Basin Law Journal is the only law review in the country devoted to the study of international and comparative law within the rapidly developing economic sphere of the Pacific Basin. Articles and case notes are solicited from members of the international legal community throughout East Asia and the Americas. In keeping with its practical focus, the Journal devotes special attention to legal issues that directly affect trade flows and international transactions in the Pacific Basin.

UCLA Law Review

UCLA Law Review, which publishes six times a year, has earned a reputation as one of the nation's leading legal periodicals; it is run by a student board of editors which determines membership on the basis of a writing competition. Membership on the Review helps students develop skills in legal research and writing and make significant contributions to the advancement of the law through the publication of commentary on crucial legal issues.

Women’s Law Journal

The Women's Law Journal, published biannually since 1989, provides a forum for feminist legal scholarship written by academics and students. Among its past noteworthy contributors are Catherine MacKinnon, Mary Daly, Frances Olsen, and William Rubenstein.